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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by DesertDueler, Oct 24, 2001.

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    Can I use a pass. side knuckle and steering arm off or a ford dana 44? If not then my other question is can I flip me tie rod bar around and use that hole where the stabilizer use to go as a mounting point?

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    You will probably have to use both the left and right hand knuckles because of differences in the tie-rod arm height and configuration. You also have to watch out because the Fords sometimes use a 5 hole spindle which won't work real well with your 6 hole pattern on the spindle.

    I don't recommend using the GM tie rod end with the stabilizer hole in it for crossover steering. I have a friend with a jeep that tried it and bent a couple of them. If you were using the 1-ton tie-rod it might work out, but the best way to do it is run the draglink right to the knuckle arm. Tying the draglink into the tierod works, but you do lose a little bit of response and it wears the tie-rod ends more than normal.

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