Stephen's Beadlocks

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by ChadH82, Feb 12, 2002.

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    Stephen\'s Beadlocks

    This is to Stephen or anyone that knows. Do your personal TR beadlocks on your rig have an inner safety bead on them? If so what did you use to make it and do you have any pics? If not how far can you air down? Is it any more than a regular 16.5 without a safety bead? What are the advantages of having a beadlock on a 16.5 wheel without an inner safety bead? Thanks.

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    Re: Stephen\'s Beadlocks

    You might do a search for more info here, there's already some of this covered.
    basically, the TR's don't have anything on the inside, we didn't change that. I've run down to 5-7 psi in the snow with no problems. I had my uphill tires at 7-8 psi in a rock event with no problems. The outer bead seems to do most of the work. Also on a heavy truck it's hard to run really low pressure effectively, I've had good luck around 10 psi for general trail use. It can get to the point that your wheel will turn inside the tire and then your steering will suck. We had the bummer to 3.5 psi at TTC's mini rubi and it was too low. lost clearance and steering control. Tires look cool all wadded up though. Just didn't work. I ran 10 or 11 Psi this year and liked it.

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