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    Steve I got a set of those Ford shock towers yesterday and I was wondering a few things. I have thoughly read your artice on it but I will have a 8" lift and I just saw that Pro Comp came out with their "Long Travel" shocks. They now have 14" travel and 15" travel shocks. I was going to get a set of Rancho 5000's in the same length that you used but should I get the 15" Travel Pro Comps instead because I am going to have a 8" lift? I realize that I can put the shock tower where ever I want but would it be a better choice to get the 15" PC's or the Rancho's because those Rancho's are only 13 1/4" travel. Thanks for you input.
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    I believe that the Rancho RS9012 shockers were made for a truck with a 12" lift or something like that so you should be fine, I have 5" of suspension lift and have more than enough shock. I haven't heard anything on the new Pro comps so I couldn't say good or bad.
  2. Alright I will probably stick with the Rancho's, I like them better then Pro Comp anyway. I will probably just run my tower a little lower then yours, due to the bigger lift. I want the shock to sit at half travel so I will just move it around till I find that spot. Also I have an 80 K20 so could I use my existing rivit holes like you did? Thanks

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