Steve, what do you think of 454HO crate motor?

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by bigk, Feb 17, 2002.

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    I think it's 425 horse and the torque is 500. At $4300, is this a good deal? I realize someone could build their own cheaper, but factory design and warranty have their advantages. What would you do for induction on a working man's budget? And would a 700R handle it?

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    I'm not as caught up on motors and prices as I used to be but buying crate motors always seemed expensive. BUT, you get a new motor with no core shipped right to you ready to install. That's worth something. You might look into buying a take out big block or taking one out of a truck yourself and having it built just because you get all the misc goodies with it like brackets, etc. All those little parts add up in the long run. The most economic thing you can do I think is buy a TBI big block and start working on it. That way you get the induction and accessories all in one shot. I've seen really good condition 1-tons for $3500 with a TBI 454. That might be the most effective way to go.
    for induction I usually recommend TBI, it's fairly cheap, easy to work on, pretty simple and works. I do like the MPFI from edelbrock, the system on my K5 is fun but that money would go a lot farther on a less optimized vehicle. It might have been better spent other places on my truck even!
    hope this helps

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