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Still Having Problems

Discussion in 'Communication (CB | GPS | HAM)' started by **DONOTDELETE**, Jan 23, 2001.

    Ok, Hardwired the CB to the battery, grounded it on a solid chassy panel and wired it through a heavy duty noise filter in the cab just for the heck of it. Alternator whine is gone but, I still have alot of engine RPM noise. This comes form what? Plugs?Wires?Distributer? any way to reduce this noise?

    Also, I have a 4 feet Firestick II black ant. for sale. The weight of it causes to much flex on my body panel. anybody interested please make offer. It's two weeks old so, it is like new. I am in the Bay Area.

    Peter Schneider
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  1. Blazer_Boy

    Blazer_Boy 1/2 ton status

    Dec 16, 2000
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    Sioux City, IA, USA
    You named it, plugs, wires, and distrubutor. First off I wired mine in right behind the grille to get away from the distributor. Where you antenna is mounted and where the coax run can pick interfence too. You can get some noise supression plug wires but they're rather pricey. They also make noise supression plugs but personally I wouldn't sacrafice any performance, keep the normal plugs. You have to remember that there is going to be some noise on the CB while running. Even the best setups are going to have some noise, you ever listen to the CB with squelch down and the engine off, its nothing but noise. Just try to distance yourself from ignition componets and you'll be fine.

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  2. TITAN

    TITAN 1/2 ton status

    Dec 7, 2000
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    The amount of coax and the manner in which it is ran to the radio can make a big difference in the noise and especially what it picks up from the engine. If the coax is rn to close together it can break down the integrity of the signal and amplify as well any radio signals that electric devices are giving off from the vehicle it has something to do woth a field that surrounds the coax, when it is compromised it almost picks up interference intentionally. Anything that has elctricity or produces friction emits radio signals.

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