Stock leaf springs length

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    My buddy with a '78 K10 is gonna buy my old lift from me. It is only add-a-leafs. I still have my old spring packs, but I'm not going to give them to him, just in case I take the lift off in the future for some reason. Anyway what I need to know is how long the leaves are in the front and rear spring packs, so I can give him the add-a-leafs only. On the front ones, there is one spring that has two spring eyes, and another one has a military wrap front, with no spring eye in the rear. then there is a third one with no eyes at all. I've looked at other Chevys and most of them have the military wrap one, so it the one with no eyes the add-a-leaf? And in the back, there are probably four leaves inside the spring clamp, and two under it, including the overload. the one under it has some space between it and the rest of the pack. It also has no hole for the teflon insert. So all of the springs have teflon between them? Thanks, and sorry for the long post.


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