stolen 72 pickup,orange/white

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    Apr 19, 2002
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    I would like you all to watch for an white over orange 72 3/4 ton truck with new paint Cheyenne Super lic Cal 46241L
    This truck was just stolen from me this morning It was stolen from San Diego today 4/19/02 Identifiers-Its got white spoke wheels. Should have the chrome around the tail gate letters but just has screws, car type rear bumper. The tail light chrome I had just taken off to replace the clips, It has all three chrome strips, and all marker lights have the chrome accents. It has tilt, factory tach and all gauges and AC. It has a plug where a CB antenna was in the roof, Holes in the bed from a fifth wheel hitch and the biggest one of all, a Cheyenne super 3/4 ton does not have a CST emblem on the door because that is for a 1/2 ton but mine did. It also has the behind the seat gas tank and two saddle tanks. If someone from california is selling parts and you get newly painted orange or white/orange parts let me know where you got them

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