storm springfield (Illinois and surrounding states))

Discussion in 'Land Use' started by Bigmeats, Jan 18, 2001.

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    I posted this in a different forum but thought it might be better served here, thanks to DBLAZER. I realize this is only a one day event but mabey we could make it a week end thing ,go camping at a local campground or do some wheeling locally.

    I was surfing on the web looking for 4x4 clubs and came across The Iron horse club. In there upcomming events I found an event you all may and should be interested in. On May 17th Iron Horse is planning a "Storm Springfield" run. From what i gather it is to show our feelings to the legislattors about property use in illinois. The run is from morning till 2pm with a cookout on the capitol grounds therer will be more info soon
    Just thought i would pass it along. Might be nice to see some ck5 members there!!


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    I am interested....don't know how work is going to like me to take march 22-26 off and then a hunk in May...hehehee

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