Stroke of luck (goodor bad) caused new stereo setup

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Ddragggon, Jul 30, 2001.

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    well, in the good news, I managed to accquire a heaafty amp to push my sub setup, as well as a matched set of 12 inch subs, and pioneer 6x9's to compliment my set of 12's, and 6x9's.... unfortunatley, its because my bro is moving to NY, and liquidating all his stuff in preperation for the move. <sigh> rather sad too, since I;m not going to see him again for another 6 months to 3 years....

    but, on the good side, I got altoghether:
    new pioneer CD head, ( not sure model, but it was top of the line last year)
    Clarion 400 watt 4 channel amp, ( 800 max,)
    Kenwood 300 watt 2 channel amp,
    4 pioneer 4 way 6x9's, last years model ( I think 6969's)
    4 MTX 12 inch subwoofers (4124 series)
    2 jensen 600 watt amps as temporary's until I can upgrade to something decent, like another clarion or 2...
    optima Red top battery, to be installed beside the amps, and run through my battery isolator, so as to make the stereo not drain the starter battery.

    now all I gotta do is design a new box to hold all 4 of the MTX 12's in it... ( currently have my bro's old 2 12's box, which is truly kicka$$, but only holds 2 subs) or, come up with a way to integrate them into the side of the truck...

    the only thing I need now is 4 round 4-6 inch speakers to put in the doors, ( or put the 6x9's int eh doors) and to install all this stuff into the burb, and take photo's of it to try and impress everyone on here with its utter coolness.... or sompin... I suppose I might have to get a car alarm now, or install that kill switch setup I've been thinking about to try and help deter the truck from walking away when not attended....


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