stuck in my own back yard

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by skelly1, Mar 6, 2005.

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    The little wife decided to help me out yesterday and she got my trailer stuck in the mud. I hook up the 72 K20 with a detroit in the rear to the yukon xl with a factory limited slip and 4wd and pull... No dice. Now the trailers buried to the axles in mud and I have the 72 hooked up to the trailer and it's not budging. I unloaded everything, dumped the water and now I am going to do some more digging. All that I can think of is to dig it down a bit, put down some plywood for a platform for a couple floor jacks, and then put some dry dirt underneath the tires. What fun.
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    Bummer Dude!

    That sucks,but be glad your not in my backyard--we still have 10-20 inches of snow on the ground out here!:frown1:

    I'd say jack up the trailer and put wood under the tires if its muddy--you will probably have to put wood under the jack too...I hate mud,next to snow its the worst thing to be stuck in,except maybe a lake..Times like this a winch would be REAL handy!.:crazy:

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