Stupid Horse.

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    One of my aunt's horses, a 25 year old mare, went down into the river the other night, at aboot 3 am. Sucked. My aunt works for a local tow company, Grant's Towing, so they came and helped out. Here's the article from the paper, which, shockingly, got everything right! :eek1:

    [FONT=ARIAL, SANS SERIF]Wednesday, February 15, 2006[/FONT]

    • Firefighters helped rescue a horse from the Chehalis River Tuesday morning, using straps and a tow truck. Lewis County Fire District 6 Chief Rick Wirta said he and two volunteers went at about 9:30 a.m. to the area along Nick Road, off Cooks Hill Road west of Centralia, where the horse had apparently been standing in the water since at least 3 o’clock that morning. There was a steep bank, about 20 feet, and it couldn’t get back up, Wirta said. Wirta was told the 25-year-old mare was discovered after another horse on the property was “raising a ruckus.” After the animal was lifted from the water, it was cold and wet, but able to walk around, he said. Some members of District 6 took a class on rescuing horses after an incident a few years back, and they are happy to help out when they are available, Wirta said. “It’s better than some things we have to do, and it worked out well,” he said of Tuesday’s rescue.

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