Stupid things we say...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by sled_dog, Jun 4, 2004.

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    No one is immune to it, some have a predisposition for saying it more than others(Bush), but what are some stupid things you've said recently?

    Mine that made me think to start this was, dad and I were running errands around, getting parts for mowers, solenoid for truck starter, and final stop was the Chevy Dealer parts department. I needed a door handle assembly for my 97 pickup. I've been puting the window down and reaching out for a month or two now. Anyway, the guy asked what interior color was. I said, grey, dad said beige(dad was right). We argued for a second, then he went to out to the truck to check. As he was walking away I said, damned if I know, I don't look at it..... Parts counter guy bent over laughing hitting the counter. I stopped and said, oh yeah I never look at my dash.... It was beige and I found he needed to know cause they don't just sell the handle but rather the whole little assembly with the lock and all.

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