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Discussion in 'Audio' started by coloradoblazers, Nov 26, 2001.

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    This week I am hoping to add 3 12's hooked to a class D amp. All of the Items are Sony Xplode. My question is, a while back in crutchfeild it showd the subs wired in series, so it was possible to get about 270 watts to each sub. Anyone know how to do this properly. Also, I will make my own box. How big,and what is the the best way(tricks?) to making one?

    K5- because size DOES matter!
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    I am not sure what the normal impedence of the XPlod stuff is....but assuming it was 4 ohms nominally, wiring 3 of them in series would actually INCREASE the resistance to the amp to 12 ohms nominal.

    You may be thinking of doing them in parallel, which drops the resistance to the amp....this is how most people try to do it.....3 speakers, each with 4 ohms, wired in parallel would yield a 1.33 ohm load to the amp. As long as the amp was designed to handle such a low-impedence value this would work....if NOT, that amp will get nice and HOT and probably burn up!

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    There is no "free lunch" while it is possible to drive a LOT of speakers from a single amplifier channel, by using high-current amps....the reality is that you are not getting the same performance as you would if each speaker had it's own dedicated amplifier channel. ANY amp will have a maximum amount of "work" that it can do.....if you ask it to drive a single speaker, it will do a better job than if you asked it to drive, say, 10 speakers. The ability of that amp has not will simply do a less-effective job on MORE speakers.

    Some amplifier manufacturers would have you believe that their design somehow gives you "free" power by wiring your speakers in parallel (and creating a very low Ohm load) reality, all you are doing is trading dynamics and headroom, for a lower-quality sound from MORE speakers.

    Hopefully this gives you something else to consider, and think about as you are designing your system.

    Good Luck! [​IMG]


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