Such a Rageaholic I am

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by sled_dog, Oct 8, 2003.

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    Pissed off story alert. Had the worst customer EVER at work today. I've said that before but this is an all time new record. For those who don't know I work the register at a self serve gas station. I know I'm out of high school and work at a gas station oh well I suck. Anyway this guy came in today, he immediately had a nasty air about him. He started saying ina real nasty tone "you better get out there and was that gas pump handle I got gas on my hands". Now the only way gas comes out of our pumps like that is 1) someone tops off way too much, 2) someone messes up, 3)the hose gets full(it was drained before this event so rule that out). As well the handle in question was in the very hot for fall sun. AS we all know gas evaporates pretty quickly in those conditions. Anyway he told me all I do is sit in that store and collect money and I should get out there and do something. As if dealing with a couple hundred idiots an hour isn't doing SOMETHING. So I just snapped, I asked him if he had a [darn] problem with my job? He said he had a real big damn problem with it. I said I didn't give a [darn] and slammed his change on the counter. He then started saying we should have a hand washer setup for people like him who mess up with the pumps. I told him there was windshield washer buckets go use those. He said if I ever did any real service I'd know that won't work!!!!! Oh that made me so angry I wanted to chase him out of the store and dump one of them on him. I have had to change a lot of hoses and nozzles lately at work and had a pump explode(not flames just spewing fuel) and every other thing on me lately. I've left many times from work lately soaked in gasoline and smelling quite ripe of sweat and fumes. I don't need people telling me I do nothing, really I don't. Just cause I'm not out there on all of the couple hundred cars I see in an hour lifting hoods and checking oil I'm a lazy horrible person????? I should have showed him the grease under my fingernails and explained how many times a day I wash my hands with that washer fluid(if the customers knew /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif) And the reason I'm a rageaholic is cause I loved every second of it. I love laying into people like that. I miss high school cause I hated pretty much everyone and if someone looked at me the wrong way I told them off. Its a sickness /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

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