suggested pinion angle?

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by beefjerky, Oct 13, 2001.

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    i just installed the ORD 2.5 shackle flip with tuff country 4 inch leafs springs to eliminate the lifting blocks. so far so good. first test drive had lots of back end vibration. so i lowered the transfere case about an inch or so and turned the pinion angle wedges, that came with the springs, around so the fat end faces towards the front of the truck. some vibration at lowers speeds is now minimal. 45 to 50mph still has lots of vibration. would 6 deg wedges be the solution? any suggestions?? thanks
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    Not knowing your t-case and trans combo, about all I can tell you is to match the angles at the front and rear of the driveshaft to eliminate vibrations. Experience dictates that a CV joint is a good idea on most K5's with over 4" of lift. Even with a short t-case you'll have a hard time eliminating the vibrations totally. With a CV, you'll need to point the pinion right at the driveshaft, or about a degree or so below it.

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