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    I am having a hard time tightening the tranny to engine bolts on my 89. I just dropped the motor in and it is all lined up except I cant get the bolts all the way tight. like 3/8 inch gap between the tranny and engine. This has become a major PITA !! I cannot push the motor any farther back either. Yes I am using the correct bolts too. Any help? /forums/images/graemlins/angryfire.gif
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    Sounds like the torque converter/flexplate/input shaft isn't lined up correctly or not pushed together all the way.
  3. Could it be that the torque converter isn't on all the way?
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    Pull them appart. I'm with the other guys and it sounds like the torque converter isn't seated. when you install a converter you have to spin it till it lines up and then it will slid in a good 3/4 of an inch as it engages. Then bolt the engine to the tranny and bolt the converter to the flex.
    If your tring to install the engine with the converter already bolted to the flex plate your not going to get it together and could damage the transmission and converter.

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