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    Have a list of upgrades for the summer? Who better to ask than a group who are proud owners of the best vehicle ever. First, have 35" M/T claws w 3:73 gears, motor stock w/ headers, edel intake 650 carb, kn cleaner. Would it be wise to go to 4:10 or 11? I have posi track and looking for lockers whats the diff? Recommended to have front and rear? Looking for new bumpers and armour for axels, skid plate etc. SEC has great stuff but want too look at more, where? Thanks people.
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    With the gears you wont notice a big difference from 3.73's to 4.10s/11's... You may also want to consider 4.56's..
    You "posi Track" is probably an Eaton Gov-lok if it is factory. You would be better off going to a locker in the rear if you go off-road alot. The Gov-lok is a limited slip and doesn't lock all the time, plus they are regarded as weak... If you use 4wd on the street(in snow ice etc.\0 then go with a True Trac in the front and a Detroit in the reaR..
    SEC makes nice bumpers or check out Road Armor or Ruenel, they may be able to make somehting for the K5's...

    One last thing, with the Edlebrock carbs, if it is not a Q-jet series, get the offroad kit for it. They have a tendency of bogging on inclines without that kit....

    HTH and if yiou need anymore info, just ask!

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