Surging and stalling

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    Went out to go shopping, truck started and then the idle surged and the revs kept falling, and the engine kept surging at lower RPM's till it stalled.

    Started it again, no go, until I put the pedal to the floor and then it started.

    Kept pressure on the gas till the engine was warmed up and then let the truck idle normally, surged and stalled in about 2 minutes.

    Will run as long as I keep the accelerator depressed, however surges at higher revs as well. As soon as I take my foot off the pedal it wants to stall.

    I'I live out in the sticks so I'm looking at a 20 mile tow to town

    Any thoughts?

    1990 K5 with chalet type camper
    4 inch lift, 33x12.5 tires
  2. My '88 was giving me problems similar to yours. It started running rough at idle and it gradually got worse, to the point that it kept stalling out whenever I came to a stop - I had to keep the gas on it to keep it running. After replacing all the normal tune up stuff, I replaced the throttle body and injectors. It ran a little better, but not much difference. It turned out to be the EGR valve! Runs like a champ now. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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