Surplus Rifle Magazine in the works... your opinions needed!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by PhoenixZorn, Dec 15, 2006.

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    Some of the members of and have been discussing a monthly publication similar in content to a Fur - Fish - Game magazine, detailing surplus firearms, hunting with MilSurps, cleaning, modifying, restoration, etc. The magazine will probably start out as a PDF rag, but as we get more subscriptions, we'll more than likely switch over to a printed publication. It will be completely run by current members, and anyone who is able is welcome to submit articles and stories to be printed in the magazine. This will keep costs down at the startup, since we won't have much cash to put into the thing at the beginning. We'd like to know what you guys would be willing to pay per issue for a yearly subscription, so I've included the poll to get that information.

    Currently, Petersen's puts out an annual Surplus magazine, and while it was quite informative, doing it only once a year seems well... lacking. We would like to get this going as either a 6 issue or 12 issue per year magazine, but we need subscribers to start. It would be about 90 pages total, with about 12-15 total pages of advertiser space... That doesn't mean 12-15 full page ads, but partial page ads throughout the mag, just like everyone else does. We may do 1 or 2 full page ads per month for advertisers who REALLY want to get their names out there... Advertisers would of course get a free subscription, so get your ads to me soon. =)

    Darn it... couldn't add the poll... maybe I'm losing my touch. =) Do please reply with what you'd be willing to pay per issue...

    1. $2.00-3.00 per issue

    2. $3.00-4.00 per issue

    3. $4.00-5.00 per issue

    4. $5.00-6.00 per issue
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    You need to post this on

    It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, firearm message board in the world. There are ton of C&R ppl on there, etc.

    (I go by Die-Tryin over there, but stay in the survival forums mainly)

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