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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by stockk5, Mar 11, 2006.

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    Has anyone seen this show? They have one guy out in the wilderness for a few days all alone with just a camera and one or 2 matches. There is one show with this guy that is pretty good, starting fires with no matches all that good survivor stuff.

    Last night i was watching again and there was another survivor man style show, this guy was a joke, he had his whole camera crew with him, lighters, and then the greatest part was when he "had" to jump into a colorado white water river. He claimed he found a large plastic bag in the middle of no where wrapped it around his backpack and that was his flotation device. He just jumps in off a 50ft cliff. As the film crew followed him down the white water in a boat you could clearly see a life vest under his hoodie, and then the backpack also being much larger than it was before. For a discovery channel show this was pretty bad, mostly laughable compared to the other older guy on the other survivor show. any of you catch this?
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    I think I saw them..

    I saw the one where the guy had to start a fire without matches..he was in a simulated plane crash,and he had to use only what was available at the scene..he used a bit of gas from the planes fuel tank and a spark from the battery to light the fire..he also showed how quartz could spark when struck by another rock,and how to use steel wool and flashlight batteries to start a fire..I can vouch that method works!..I foolishly used steel wool to clean the positive battery post once,and it ignited when it touched ground..burnt the crap out of my hand!..stuff turns into molten lava in seconds!..:doah:

    The guy also showed how he snared rabbits,and cooked and ate them!..ants were like candy to him..

    I thought that show was true to life,but the other one you mentioned I agree was contrived,and "made for tv"..the other show at least is more reality, than "TV"...:crazy:
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    show is lame imho

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