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    Hey everyone. I'm looking at putting a lift on my ride and want a little bit of advice. I'd like to put 34x12.5 on a set of 8x10 rims or 35x12.5's. I don't want it to look extreme just stock on steroids. There are lots of different kinds of 4" lifts out there but what should I get. This more show than off road so keep that in mind. I've seen prices ranging from $400 to close to $2000. I don't want to do a body lift only. Can and or should I go with springs in the front and blocks in the back or springs all the way around. I have limited knowledge on this but I do know that I'd like for my Jimmy to ride nice. Any advice will be helpful.
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    Most of what we do is driven by pure function and we end up with some stompy lookin' rigs, but, for your purpose, you could do a 4" lift with springs in front and blocks in the rear and probably be just fine. This would clear 35's as long as you don't disconnect the swaybar and take it off road, and for mild street use, the 4" block would probably be fine. You need a box brace for sure, even for street use. You may want the swaybar disconnects just for a little better ride quality; and the same for the greasable bushings all the way around. Ride quality on the street is the same as ride quality on the trail, just smaller bumps.

    Hope this helps, let me know when you need parts and we'll fix you up.


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