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    Just came across this site and would like to ask some opinions on suspension for a 76 Sub, as this is the first GM 4x4 I've owned. It may be a little
    late as I have parts on order, but maybe some input on the setup as I haven't started installation yet. I plan on: TC 3" EZ Ride front springs, 2 1/2"
    shackle flip rear, drop sway bar disconnect, all rubber replaced with Energy Suspension pieces, Rancho RS9000X
    shocks. I will probably run 255/85 16 tires (33x10.5). This will be a multipurpose vehicle, but I would like to optimize
    for rutted/bumpy Idaho desert roads that I like to drive fairly fast. Due to the size of this behemoth, I don't plan on doing
    any serious rock crawling, but do plan on some semi-serious back woods use which mostly entails washout/ravine crossing.
    Since I will be changing the spring perch on the rear, should I go with 56" springs and
    maybe remove the overload? I'm considering this with a Firestone air helper for when I'm towing or have the family and
    gear in the rig. Sound like I'm going right direction? Any non-rock crawlers out there using their truck like this?
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    You might post this on the main 73-87 page, and/or on the sub page, but.....
    You're on the right track, my K5 has moved a long ways from what it's original job was, backwoods transportation, so I know where you're at.
    Going to the 56's with no overload is fine, be aware factory 56" springs are generally a bit stiffer than 52's. You will definitely want good bumpstops and the overload airbags since the overload leaf is there for good reason. I've ruined a set of good springs running with no bottom overload leaf.
    Your overall plan sounds like it's right on the money for what you want it to do. You might consider the HD front springs, or put the HD leaves in your springs since you'll probably want a winch on there. And you may want a 2" lift spring in the rear to help level it out, my 1/2T sub has a 3" front ezride and a 4" flip with a beefed up stock spring and still isn't too high in the rear. In fact, it's barely level.
    hope this helps

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