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    Apr 3, 2000
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    Staten Island NY/da bronx
    heres my 2 cents. a full size rig such as a blazer is not an suv, suvs are for people with small p#nisis (sorry ladies) who want to be cool like us. here is how i determine if someting is an suv or not.
    if it has an ifs its an suv (exception hummer)
    if it is not available with a manual trany its an suv
    if there are more options on the vechicle for comfort than utility its an suv
    if my mother drives it its an suv (explorer)
    if v-6 is advertised on the side its an suv
    if it is based on a car chassi its an suv
    a rig is not an suv if there are military versions (go 24v blazers)
    its not an suv if the motor is measured in cubic inches

    well theres my 2 cents any other things would be greatly appreciated
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    Feb 17, 2000
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    South Central Kansas
    In KS you can register your K5 as a 12,000 lb. truck.
    Try and do that with a.....uh, I don't pay enough attention to them to know their names.

    350.4bolt+mods,Warn8000#,Factory skidplates

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