Swapping 52" springs in for the front..... Need Heavy Duty shackles....

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Batmanjr, Apr 19, 2003.

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    Swapping 52\" springs in for the front..... Need Heavy Duty shackles....

    I'm about to forgo the rear spring to front spring swap.... I've done a ton of talking to other members and research on the matter and the last piece of equipment that I need are new extended front heavy duty shackles..... Does anyone have an opinion on which to buy and so forth? I need them to be as strong as possible and be about 6" from eye to eye.... Thanks for the input.... /forums/images/graemlins/ears.gif
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    Re: Swapping 52\" springs in for the front..... Need Heavy Duty shackles....

    What is the length of the stock front springs? What does this swap entail?
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    Re: Swapping 52\" springs in for the front..... Need Heavy Duty shackles....

    K dude.. This is how I did it.

    Spring packs, side-view

    Spring packs, front view



    Shackle angle

    I originaly started with a stock rear 52" spring pack from the Blazer (B52s) and swapped it to the front. After alot (ALOT!) of trial and error, the pack just didn't pan-out. It didn't have enough "drop". It worked out great, but there was more travel to be had.


    I tripped across a used set of stock rear springs from a S-10. This pack has far-more free-arch than the B52s and the set is off-set to the front (spring center is located forward of center). Very-close to what I needed.
    Again, after alot of trial and error, the final pack ended up to be:
    Main leaf is a A.M. 4" lift rear main leaf. (53" length, lots of free-arch).
    The seccond leaf is the main S-10 leaf with the eye-lets opend up to function as a "military-wrap".
    The remaining leafs are also from the S-10.

    Final ride height is abou 4" of lift.
    Spring bushings are robbed from the A.M. front springs, the hangers are 3.5" wide, while the springs are 2.5" wide. (*Note* Stock front springs are 3.0" wide for, I assume, lateral stability)
    The front hanger has been moved forward.
    The rear hanger is in the stock location.
    The shackle is slightly longer than 5", just long enough to clear the frame under compression.
    At ride height, the shackel is kicked back at about a 45 deg angle. (I feel shackle angle is THE most important factor for gaining wheel travel in the front)
    Each leaf is thinner then a comparable A.M. front spring, making it easier to twist.

    Hmmmmm... thats all I can think of right now, hope that helps some.

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