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    Can anybody give me imformation on how to swap cabs, my 1977 K/5 has A/C and the body is shot, but I have a 1976 that has a better body with no A/C, I'm will to swap the cabs, but are there any differences between Non A/C K/5s and K/5s that do have them?
    What do I have to remove in order to swap cabs? /forums/images/icons/confused.gif
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    Fire wall is a little different under the heat and A/C boxes but you can do a little cutting and a little patching and make it work. Other than that they are the same...well almost. Non A/C trucks have freash air flaps in the kick pannels. You can just block those off and run the A/C duct work and A/C dash Bezel.
    Bolting to the frame is no problem between a 77 and 76. Where you get into trouble is putting a 78 up body on a 77 down frame. You can put a 77 down body on a 78 up frame by making a different cab suport behind the front seats easy enough but the 78 up rear foot well will hit the frame trying to go the other way.

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