swapping leaf packs and combining and all

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by RootBreaker, Mar 24, 2006.

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    Ok so I have a set of superlift 6" softrides up front of my truck....
    they are relatively new but sag to 5" on the truck
    I also have ORD zero rate so this puts my springs to 6" total front lift

    well I am 2" below NJ lift law requirements.....
    so I can put a body lift on but then I will have even more wheel well room in the back and I dont want that....
    Also with a BL I will need nerf bars to be legal as my gas tanks are on the outside of the frame... per NJ laws....

    so I may be able to get a ok deal where I can buy a set of superlift front 8" leafs and sell my setup and break even.... This will get my truck up some...

    If I go up 2" in the front I dont think the door will go up 2" but will get me closer....

    I know I will then need new front shocks and a tad longer front shaft as mine is already stretched....

    so if I put the 8" leafs on and the truck is too high.. can I take the top leaf off the 8" pack and put on my 6" pack and maybe it wont be as high?

    I ask this as if the 6" leafs are soft ride and the other set isnt.. the 8" top leaf on top of the softrides may make it sag but not as much....

    any assistance?

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