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    On my blazer I'm going to have about 8" of lift. I think I'm going to drop the case a little. Is it ok to drop it an inch and a half(1 1/2")? If I do that I'm going to use bushing spacers with grade 8 bolts. Will this make the front yoke on the case point up to much? Let me know.

  2. It will put alot more jam as rene would say on the front shaft joints. Also it may cause the front shaft to hit and rub your exhaust. At least it does on my 90.
    Also, you have to make sure that your fan shroud is clear of the fan and it does put more stress on your motor mounts.

    Damn I need to learn how to use my welder!![​IMG]
    (90 Jimmy 350 TBI, 14 FF/10 bolt, 4.56, tires ??

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