t-case trouble on 86' K30

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    A while back I found the front driveshaft to be loose on our 86' 1ton work truck.I removed the driveshaft and found that the nut that holds the flange on the front of the t-case was gone :confused:.The splines on the front output and the flange looked ok,so I got new nut and tightened it down good and
    re-installed the front driveshaft.Well recently I could hear something loose under there so yesterday I pulled the front driveshaft back out to check it. It was still on but very loose.I removed the flange to inspect the splines.This time they were shot :mad: on both the flange and thr front output shaft. Any ideas why it keeps coming loose? I'm going to replace them but wondered if something was causing it to do this.It's not like I undertightened either.

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