T400 problems ans 205 problems

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    I went too hackett and Longwater yesterday too break it in and find any problems after all the swaping i have done.Well it worked.I can't get my T400 to up shift.The shifter is adjusted right.Anybody have a similar problem and what fixed it.I'm going too tear it apart today.The next problem is in my 205 it wants too jump out of 2hi and 4hi but it stay in 4lo just fine.Anybody have a similar problem and what fixed it.Any help would be appreiciated.Want too go back out tonight or monday.I'm starting too get good ant working on my rig too about 2 at night then wake up at 6 too go wheeling.This thing is starting too become my slave driving mistress.Thanks
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    I don't have a t400 but I have a t350 and after having it rebuilt and installing it, it didin't shift and it was simply the vaccum hose at the intake. Make sure the vaccum hose at the vaccum modulator fits good also. Actually for the few penny's replace them because small cracks are hard to see.
    I'm not too much help with the np205 except to check the clearance the shifter has with the floor board. My np205 has problems with 4 high but I've been to lazy to trim the floor pan plus I don't wheel much in 4 HI. 2 HI? I have no suggestions!

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