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Table Mesa


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Jan 7, 2015
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Glendale, AZ
Those of you in AZ,

Went out on my old Grizz today up at Table Mesa and headed back towards Tip-Top mine. Ran into a guy back there with a front-end loader. He was smoothing out the trail, so we pulled off and decided to eat a sandwich. He pulled up and shut down and started talking to us.

Turns out he's the owner of the ranch out there and has had enough of the local yahoo's and is going to close off the trail to the mine, right at where the mine is. He's had problems w/ people speeding through his ranch and people rock crawling off the trails. He's also had some of his buildings burned and vandalized over the last couple of years. The last straw was a well he just had dug. He had some 20' pvc pipes, solar panel, pump, wiring ect out there and some dipshit threw several of the pvc pipes, and wiring down the well. Now he's gotta have someone come out and basically do a colonoscopy on the well, so he can get water out there for his cattle.

He says he enjoys wheeling, but he's had enough and is going to start w/ the tip-top being closed. If people don't start acting right out there he's gonna close a lot more. His family has owned that area his whole life. Owns from Table Mesa up to Crown King and over to Seven Springs. Would be a huge loss up there.

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