taco territos are ahead again!

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by Heavymetal, Nov 14, 2001.

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    Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! And then vote some more! I vote once in the morning before I go to work, and once at night when I actually use the site. (every 12 hours is the limit I'm told)

    Yes, I have an illness!

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    That site is annoying... I have Delphi so I thought I could use the message forums.... nope. Won't let me. Says I have cookies blocked. Um no. I emailed Delphi they said I'm fine. And Delphi works when I link from other sites. But when I link from the Taco Boys it won't work. What a stupid site!!! Can't even check out the posts and see what they are about.... [​IMG]

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    I can get in to their message boards. From the talk there. I guess they have been warned about cheating And top4x4 threatend to ban them. They are advising their members not to reset browsers ect. Yet I still have found posts like these below
    These posts came from the Tacoma territories message board and are just a few that reference cheating.

    "From: Yunaderis (YUNSTAR) Nov-1 3:36 pm
    40606.2 in reply to 40606.1

    i ahev voted 8 times today...i reset my browser cookies each time...jsut for the club....

    And one more:From: Tsing Tao (YUNSTAR) Nov-8 12:58 pm
    To: 99TACX (21 of 23)
    41026.21 in reply to 41026.20

    i have jsut officially signed up all 65 members in my lab...they all have 2-3 puters a piece and are eager to vote in their new club..LOL

    and again:From: DAVIDTACO Nov-7 9:34 am
    To: SCOTTTACO (8 of 23)
    41026.8 in reply to 41026.1

    Hey how do i reset my "COOKIES" so i can vote over and over?
    hahaha i said cookies
    One more time:From: DAVIDTACO Nov-7 10:06 am
    To: Yunaderis (YUNSTAR) (11 of 23)
    41026.11 in reply to 41026.10

    i love mine, how do i reset my cookies?
    I like this one:From: DAVIDTACO Nov-7 10:16 am
    To: Yunaderis (YUNSTAR) (13 of 23)
    41026.13 in reply to 41026.12

    well if i keep switching to different computers in my office it will work right?, i have a few hundered I can hit up real quick..(is that cheating)
    Heck yeah you know those fools are cheating..lol


    <font color=red> This sucks. I gave then the benefit of the doubt before but these guys are cheating and Braging about it. And calling us FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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