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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by big94gmc, Dec 2, 2006.

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    I just woke up SHIVERING trying to figure out why it's SO DAMN COLD IN THIS HOUSE!! (If there was a smilie icon of a man's dick freezing and falling off, I'd add that one in at this point.) I know I turned the heat on before I went to bed, but it's 64* in this house.

    So, what do I find out? :doah:

    Well, I'm here to admit that I must now always check to make sure the thermostat ACTUALLY is on heat!!! Having the A/C on when it's in the low 40's outside doesn't cut it!!

    Unfortunately, this isn't anything out of the ordinary for me, recently. So, I guess, while I'm admitting stupid behavior, I'll air it all of it. :o

    --The other day, when my keys weren't in my pocket, I searched the house for 20 minutes for them. They were in the other pocket!

    --About a week ago, as I was getting out of a vehicle, I noticed my cell phone wasn't in my pocket, and I started looking for it. I realized I must have left it in the restaurant I was just in. My cell phone was in my hand!

    --Couple weeks ago, while I was driving my gf around in her '04 F*rd Explorer, I looked down and saw "E" on the display cluster. I said, 'We need stop and get some gas, you're on E'. We were headed East! What's worse is that when it changed to "NE", my very first thought was, 'Not Empty? Hmpf....'

    THERE!!!! I've said it all. Now hopefully my idiodic moments will cease!! Laugh away at me, brothers. Or post up your stupid moments - up to you.
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    We did the same thing here with the A/C. Yuo get a pas on that one down here. The house heats up all day and is a little too warm and then at night gets cold.

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