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    I'm putting on a tranny cooler in front of the A/C condenser and would like to know if you guys have any tricks for unbolting the grill. I've got a Hickey tube grill and the hardware that they supplied utilized the square nuts (not hex nuts) making it more of a pain to work with. It's just too tight to get my arm all the way up there from underneath. Even if I could I couldn't turn the screws with a screwdriver. Can't turn the square nuts either cuz of the tubes in the grill. I figured I could drill some holes on the radiator cross member to get a tool in there from the rear but the way the metal is folded it will limit my reach plus the radiator gets in the way. I had my little nephew with me when we put the grill on so he could reach up there and hold things while I tighten it all down. Any ideas?

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    if it came down to it you could unbolt the radiator and AC core and reach around. I;d say it would be better than cutting eye soring holes. Once you get it off replace the square nuts with hex ones too.
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