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    Well, my TBI is almost off the 87, but it's usually too cold to go out and finish the job.. anyways, there are some Qs I wanna ask before I take this stuff off:
    How the heck do I get the fuel lines out in one peice so I can swap them over?
    Does anyone know if those holley TBI adaptor plates work with an Edelbrock performer intake? if so, do i need a spreadbore or squarebore?
    Is there any plumbing I can keep out from the TBI? What is absolutely necessary to make the TBI work? can I run it without the AIR?

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    If I remember right, the Holley TBI adapter plates plates are drilled for both spread and square-bore manifolds, and the TBI bolt pattern is the same as the Chevy ones. So it should work.

    TBI will work fine without the smog pump. Most of the factory ones I've seen don't even have them. Example: My motor is from an '87 w/4 spd, I have an auto. The 4 spd truck had a smog pump, the autos didn't. I took it off when I first put it in, no probs.


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    -Fuel lines.... why not just go to the auto parts store and get some new ones... much easier then dealing rusted old crap IMO. You are also gonna have to run a return line.

    -The adapter plate in my shed will work with either type. The spacer is just flipped around. Generally if you run it on a stock intake you position the tbi unit farther forward if I remeber right and will probably need to fab up some brackets or extetions to make it work. Back when I was using mine it was on a Edelbrock sq bore type manifold and went on w/ with few hassles. I'm pretty it works with either type manifold though... if you want I will try and get down there and grab the instructions and double check tomarrow

    -You will need the fuel lines, the fuel tank and pump, a fuel pump boss cover to put where your mechanical pump is, the wiring harness, ecm and misc eletrics. Possible the distribgutor if you have a esc setup. Also you will need to address the knock sensor at that time. Sounld have no problem w/ no A.I.R.

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