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    T\'case info

    In my recent search for a replacement for the blown 700R4 tranny in my 84 K5, I ran across a pretty good deal of a transfer case/th350 tranny combo for $350(both are supposed to be freshly rebuilt, and the old ones were laying by the 79 blazer that they came out of) so I figured I might as well buy it. I looked at the shifter for the old T'case and it was marked "4 low loc, 4 low, neutral, 4 high and 4 high loc"(I'm pretty sure that's accurate), so I assume that this was the full-time np203 transfer case. From what they said, it sounded like they swapped the 203 out for an NP205(the 203? apparently had a part time conversion kit due to the fact that the Blazer had manual hubs, but someone shifted it into gear while on the highway and blew it up), but I couldn't find the small metal tag like what's on my NP208 stating what model either of the T'cases were. So how do I go about identifying them? I know the TH350 will bolt up to my junk 305, but will I have to modify the t case mounts and/or the driveshafts to swap in the new tranny and t case? Would it be worthwhile to buy the blown t case and the other TH350 and attempt to rebuild the T case?
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    Re: T\'case info

    sould be a plate somewhere regardless but the easy way to spot a 205 is there is a round cover with 3 bolts between the rear output and the bearing suport for the front output. Only case to have that 3 bolt cover. If it is indeed a 205 you got you a deal. pretty hard to comby case these days. 205 came in 2 versions. one has a slip yoke and one had a fixed yoke. The fixed yoke is the most desirable but any 205 set up for a TH350 is a good find. It can be converted to fixed yoke.

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