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    we have all the great tech write ups on mods done to trucks and blazers and what not. but what about one of the even bigger things we all have/beed/want to DO the projects on our rigs. tools. i have a large amount of tools, mostly general use stuff, and know how it is to be weary of buying something new, or off brand, or whatever. use problems, and durability are always on my mind when i go to drop even 20 dollars on a new tool.

    now, im not talking about like 30 writeups on 30 different drills, but lets say a writeup on a 3/8's chordless from sears, and a few other semi common tools, then someone with a tube bender to do one. welders, so on so forth. maybe 2 or 3 different guys get together and do a write up on the 3 or 4 welders they have, to show diversity and likes/dislikes of each item. then ya can get a few guys with benders to do the same. i know i could and would be willing to start with a engine hoist, chop saw, 1/2 in chorded drill/hammer drill, and a bunch of others, along with possibly a "must have" tool setup for wheeling.
    thanks for listening to me.
    let me know what ya think.

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