Tellico K5 Run 2001

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    For anybody who has not seen it, or the new people that may be interested in going. The 2nd Annual Tellico K5 Run will be May 11-13th and we will be running all kinds of trails from mild to wild. If you dont want to risk bending yer baby on the tuff stuff we will let you ride with others who are willing to give the tuff stuff a shot. A great time will be had by all. Cost is $5.00 per day per vehicle payable on site in cash at one of the pay stations.

    If you have already emailed me I still have you on the list so dont sweat it, if not email me and I will put you on the list. We have not decied if we will go to a pay campsite with showers and such, or if we will camp on the trails. If you have a tow vehicle or camper there are plenty of places for you to park and still be able to run. We had a great time last year even through the rain and holiday idiots. This year its on a non holiday weekend!

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