Temp gauge fix for all us running older/crate motors in '81-'91s.

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    Temp gauge fix for all us running older/crate motors in \'81-\'91s.

    Yes I fell victim to boredom this weekend and fixed a little annoyance. The deal is that I have a crate motor and the hole for the tempature sender accepts the old stlye ones, like on the '78s. The old sender doesnt work with the '81 on up style trucks, it doesnt provide enough resistance. I had to do a little searching but I found a part that'll work. I went down to Northern Auto Parts (god I love having a national distributor in my backyard) and got them to bring up some of there senders up front. The smaller style thats supposed to go on the stock motor, the big one that goes with the older trucks, and one he said was for newer chevys. I whipped out the ohm meter and checked up. The one that is supposed to go in the stock motor read at 3.3k. The old stlye one ran at .6k, which explains why my gauge read way high. The one for the newer chevys ran at about 3.4k, a match to what I need.

    The sender that works is Standard Motor Products, Inc. TS71 Temperature Sending Unit. So if your '81-'91 Blazer/Jimmy reads a little hot and you have a crate or old motor maybe this will help. Man I need the freakin' snow to melt so I can do my 12-bolt install. Later [​IMG]

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