Thank You to Ryeguy and 1tonwillysands10

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    Nov 28, 2000
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    I just want to send an official thank you to both of these members. 1tonwillysands10 sold me a fixed output for a 205 and Ryeguy sold me a Ford 32 spline front output for a 205. I used these to show the differences in rear outputs as well as front outputs. I am going to send Steve the pictures and he will post them (I think, as I don't want to put words in his mouth). He is a busy man so it may take a little time. I will also send Steve a pics and text on a complete 205 rebuild. Thanks to Offroaddesign as well, they sold me a complete rebuild kit. All these items will be seen when the write ups are posted and there are some surprises as well (i.e. different speedometer setups from the old 205 to the new which I was unaware of until I did this project).

    P.S. Buying from these guys was a good experience and I would recommend doing business with them as they seemed fair and honest.
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    that sounds like some great info
    I cant wait to see it

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