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    A friend of mine sent me this.

    Motivation from our Air Force brothers in arms...

    [LtCol D. J. Liles] MOTIVATING!!!!!

    The following is an excerpt from an email home from an Air Force ordnance
    demolition unit team member describing his first night at Kandahar airport:
    "One of the perimeter positions only a hundred yards or
    so to our left took some incoming fire and we all went
    to general quarters, taking defensive fighting positions
    in our bivouac in case they penetrated to our position.
    The Marines quickly repelled the attack. It will not
    bother me should I live my entire life without having to
    kill a man but I have to say I'm glad to be surrounded
    by a thousand 19 year-old Marines who can't wait to.
    They will be leaving in a few weeks and turning over the
    base to the Army. I will miss them.

    "The only tents the Marines use are one-man pup tents and they are
    everywhere. Each foxhole and DFP (defensive fighting position) around the
    camp is accompanied by two of these humble little tents.
    "I have a renewed respect for the Marines. They arrived
    a month ago, dug in, and have been living out of these
    ridiculously small, 5 x 5 tents ever since. No heat, no
    latrines, no showers, nothing but backpacks, weapons,
    helmets and flak vests, and lots of ammo. And they've
    been doing it every day. Four man teams at each
    position, two sleeping, two on watch. God bless them
    every one."

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    It's a wheelbase thing, you wouldn't understand.

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