the Blazer rides again

Discussion in '1982-Present GM Diesel' started by marcus, Sep 4, 2002.

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    Dec 21, 2001
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    After being off the road for the last 5 months, my truck is finally back, insured, tested and taxed and on the road! The final bill for a completely rebuilt 700r4 (nine band clutches, ten vane pump, uprated servo and a shift kit) and a few minor repairs was £1240 (about $1700). Just ordered a set of BFG's for it as well.

    Just one thng I wanted to say, I am very impressed with the ruggedness of this Blazer. Once a year in the UK, every car over three years old has to be tested for roadworthiness beofre it licensed for road use. The Blazer failed on three points: wiper blade worn out, rear fog light (a legal requirement over here) broken of (when i last went mudding, and slight front brake imbalance....not bad for a truck that been around for 18 years!



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