The Chatroom Is Boring When Your'e Alone

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    The Chatroom Is Boring When Your\'e Alone

    [Resurrection_Joe] I'm Alonnnneeee
    [Resurrection_Joe] Allll Alonneeee
    [Resurrection_Joe] Hmmmm
    [Resurrection_Joe] Let's look in this drawer
    [Resurrection_Joe] Hey panties
    [Resurrection_Joe] Hmmmm
    [Resurrection_Joe] Guess I'll wear em
    [Resurrection_Joe] I need a dress
    [Resurrection_Joe] I have that sweater I found in a motel
    [Resurrection_Joe] That I dream belonged to a hot 16 year old girl
    [Resurrection_Joe] That probably belonged to a 35 year old hippy chick with bad BO and long pit hair
    [Resurrection_Joe] Hmmm
    [Resurrection_Joe] Boilermakers On ICE !
    [Resurrection_Joe] NOW ON ASTOUNDOVISION !
    [Resurrection_Joe] THE BOILERMAKERS !
    [Resurrection_Joe] LIVE AT THE FAIRMONT
    [Resurrection_Joe] OPENING ACT: JOHNY COCK ROTCH
    [Resurrection_Joe] CLOSING ACT: THE WANKFEST TRIO !
    [Resurrection_Joe] *choochoo* *choochoo* *choochoo* *choochoo*
    [Resurrection_Joe] CHUU CHUU ?
    [Resurrection_Joe] KISS KISS ?

    Visitors? Please?

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