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    Apr 18, 2000
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    Well had a blast today, took a trip out to Artesia NM, to see some friends, got to ride in her dad's new 3/4T powerstroke (very sweet truck) went knee boarding in the cold river, drank a lot of beer, then did a little wheelin, well I rode but that's the funny part
    Climbed this steep rock hill, no problem, well the catch is the other truck out there (same thing just older 97 I think, did the wimp one over a ways, well he got stuck coming out crossing the creek, really stuck, as in up to the body and over the rim,
    So what do we do, prove our point and climb the hill, but when he spun around at the other side, guess what heavy trucks do in ruts made by big tires, hehe, well had a guy in a ramcharger, no 4x and not locked, tug on us, no luck, nice lady in a 1/2T chevy locked, tug and yank, no luck bud her first comment was "If we would have brought the jimmy we would have had him out" (my thought, oh yea baby, so I shared the info on the site with them so most likely a new user pretty quick) ended up calling the vol fire dept with a brush truck, took that truck (powerstroke again, what's with all these fords) and the warn 9000 to get it out. That sucker was in there. Well I"m home now going to bed, long day in the sun but it was a good easter

    sorry if it's rambling just tired, HAPPY EASTER everyone

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