The "Eternal" project with pics

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 86 Jimmy, Jul 29, 2006.

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    Apr 24, 2006
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    So this is my project. She's an '86 Jimmy who had a 305 for about a week that I owned her, then I blew it up. I have been in the process of building a 350 and all that is left to do is the top end. As of right now, she's got the 700R4/208 combo and stock open 10 bolts. The body is in fair shape, but the floor is absolutely screwed. It's completely toast in the back, and there's much work to do in the front. The rest of the sheet metal and the frame are solid.

    I have been kicking around a few ideas over the past little while as far as what to do with her. I already have a DD so this would mainly be a trail rig, but I would also like to drive her on the road on occasion. So I was originally thinking of putting in a new homemade floor. Just a simple box steel and sheet metal one. However, from reading posts here I have thought every now and again about a Truggy. I really can't decide. I do expect to spend some money on this project, but over a long period of time. As far as tools, I already have a Millermatic 175, and an arc welder. I would easily buy a tubing bender and a tubing notcher if I'm going to build bumpers and roll cages, etc... So just seeing what everyone's thoughts are on this. Most ppl around me tell me that it's too far gone, but I just don't see her that way.

    My wish list for this truck would be a SM465/205 with Dana 44/GM 14FF combo. Of course that's miles away and as of right now i'm going to run stock until it explodes... which i'm guessing won't take me long. Also wouldn't go more than 6" in lift and probably 37's or around there. So anyone have any thoughts or comments, please feel free to let me know.



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    For the amount of money it is going to take to get that thing trail worthy, let alone road worthy, I would scrap it an get you something more solid that body cancer hasn't already killed.
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    im all for sheetmetal rigs.. so it really depends on how much body work is needed to be done. If its just gonna be a trail truck, i say simpliest thing would be is dont try to put a tailgate back on, just weld in some bars going across and slap down some thick sheetmetal for a floor, no tailgate means u dont have to be super precise with your measuring and stuff. and u can do it quickly.

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