The guy who fixed these floors is an A**..(rant)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by MudNurI, May 26, 2002.

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    UUGGHH I could just about scream... John and I were reinstalling the seatbelts today... We get ready to put the bottom lap belt part on, and find that the idiot that replaced the floors and cab corners etc.. didn't put the huge "washer" and nut behind the wall....I was we had to drill a hole (which I kind of knew anyway)...and then go find a washer thingy big enough, slide that up from underneath the truck, along with the bolt, try to get a wrench up in there, and get the damn thing tight enough....then we go onto the driver's side..get the big part set up on the "wall". go to add the "female" part, next to the console..what do we find...he left that bolt, and washer BUT he snapped the bolt off, and left the damn thing.....we take the E-Z outs, get it out,, only to find that on the other side- he has replaced the floor over that spot, and not bothered to redrill the big deal, if only our drill bits were big enough......

    As I'm putting on my rear side panels, I notice that there was 1 screw that wasn't able to connect to anything right in the front, the last screw on the bottom- WHY? because he had replaced that shelf, and not put the support in ......UUGGHH if I KNEW who did this SH*TTY job, I'd go smack him myself. Or better yet, had I LOOKED closer at this truck before I bought it I may not have........uuggh it just p*sses me off!

    being Memorial Day weekend I can't drive it until we get the damn seatbelts working, there is seat belt DWI checks ALL over the place up here...the new state motto is "CLICK IT OR TICKET.." even though my kids are in car seats, buckled, John won't no go with the Blazer till Tuesday....

    okay I feel better know.

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    Feels good to off load some $hit doesn't it? /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

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