The irony of it all

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    I bit the bullet and ordered the Rhoads cam, should be here in a few days.
    And so I am right back to where it all began over a year ago.
    Tearin the top apart to replace a cam and lifter...
    Somehow I started replacing the cam and wound up swapping out the slip yoke for a fixed and swapping out the front output for a ford 32 spline and grinding the shift rail for twin stick operation.
    The 350 popped up and I swapped that in as well.
    I pretty much did all that in one long thrash.
    4500 miles on a rebuild (have the paperwork), rebuilt in 96 and sitting in a van since 96.
    Kinda ironic that this "fresh" engine has a bad lifter.
    And now I have to tear the top off.
    I bought the ol lady a car today.
    The K5 is going down again and it isn't rollin till it is right.
    See I have the intake and cam now but I am unsure of the heads.
    They are 624 castings and came in everything from trucks to Vettes. Light duty castings or HD 1.72 - 202's.
    That and when my heater core let go I lost all the coolant the engine got real friggin hot.
    From what I gather the 624's are prone to cracking when overheated.
    Other than the clacking lifter it runs good, no indications of a cracked head.
    But why take a chance??
    Sooo I am taking the 487 castings in tomorrow and having 2.02 seats installed, stainless valves , bla bla bla.
    If the 624's turn out to be good, cool I'll use em on the other SBC.
    And since I need a gasget kit and have the pan off I may as well drop the caps and lay in some plastigage.
    To far into it to stop now.
    I need new engine mounts and have some and since the intake will be off it's as good as time as any.
    Of course if I would have been paying attention when I was droppin the engine in I would have seen them. /forums/images/graemlins/doah.gif
    Kinda funny because if it wasn't for that lifter I would have been just as happy to drive the b!tch as it was.
    Ya know it is a PITA and all but ya gotta dig the chance to upgrade. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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    Fiddy duckets huh? Thats not to bad for all that!

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