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    A older woman goes to her doctor to discuss the cost and procedure of getting a face lift. The doctor immediatly tells her about a new thing just out in the medical magazine called The Knob. The doctor explains "it is a small divice placed in the top of the head, under the hair. When you feel you need a little lift, just turn the Knob and it will pull up the skin in your face"!!
    The woman is amazed and promptly sets an appointment to get The Knob installed. The proceedure goes of with no problems and both the doctor and the woman are very pleased with the results.
    A few months later the woman returns to the doctor with a complaint, " doctor no matter how much i turn the Knob i cant get rid of these bags under my eyes". The doctor looks and says " ma'am those arent bags under your eyes, those are your breast's". To which the woman replies "oh, ok , i guess there is no need in asking about the goattee"!!!

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