The Laramie County Fair

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Capman2k, Aug 6, 2006.

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    What a screw up that is...

    I had some photographs I wanted to display, two for judging, in the open class of the county fair this year... I turned in my entry form and they took it, and that's it... I kept wondering where and when I was supposed to get my tags, because the rule book said they needed to be affixed to whatever I mount the pictures on...

    Today was the day to take them in... I took them, and still had no tags. So I crutched my way around the stupid building with my dad to find the table where I could pick up my tags... Then I went over to a table that implied I was supposed to be there... They passed me around to three different people at that table before one of them actually looked at what I was entering, said, "Oh, this is photography, you need to go to the table over there."


    So my dad and I go to the table over there, where there's a guy sitting among a pile of photographs.. We stand there for a couple seconds, and the guy says just set your pictures right there, thanks...

    I suspected the guy was an idiot, plus I got home and realized I forgot to take the claim ticket off the tags, so I asked my dad if he could run out there while I was at church and pick up the tickets before judging started...

    My mom and dad went out there to pick up my claim tickets, but my tags weren't anywhere... All eight of my pictures were on display, but my tags were nowhere to be found, much less on the photographs that I wanted judged...

    So my mom asked around and eventually was sent to a table to get new tags made... but that's not the end... She goes up there, explains the situation, and the girl looks around and says they don't have my entry form :confused: :confused: :confused: But they had tags for me, and I had a copy of the form that the lady in the office made for me... I say lady, but she was really a very good looking girl... Anyway... My mom finally got some tags, but she didn't know what classes I entered... GAHHHHH

    Both of my photos that are tagged for judging are in the same class, but I can only have one picture from each class for judging, the rest are for display only... I just hope they judge the best of the two...

    This wouldn't be a problem if the County Fair people weren't a bunch of flippin' morons...

    That is all.
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    I bet my e-x girlfrind and her mom are running that. They did here in Powell and they moved to Laramie last year and are BIG into 4H and all that stuff.
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    my fair owns ur fair. Check out my thread with pics. :grin:


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