The Mermaid(joke)

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    >>The Mermaid!
    >>There were three men fishing in a boat.
    >>One felt a tug and reeled in his line. He had caught a beautiful
    >>She squirmed and struggled and tried to break free but he wouldn't
    let her
    >>Finally she said "I'll give you anything you can wish for if you'll
    let me
    >>go. "Okay," said the man, "I want my IQ doubled."
    >>So she did and he goes off on Shakespeare and all kinds of
    >>The mermaid goes to leave and the second man grabs her.
    >>"Hey, I'm not going to let you go until I get a wish too."
    >>"Fine," she said, "What do you want?" "I want my IQ tripled."
    >>So she triples his IQ and he goes off solving all these problems and
    >>mathematical equations.
    >>"I suppose you want a wish too?" the mermaid said to the last man.
    >>"You bet I do, I want my IQ timed by 10!"
    >>"Ummm I don't think you do," said the mermaid.
    >>"It'll change your whole aspect on life."
    >>And although she tried to talk him out of it, that's what he wanted.
    >>So she gave him his wish and *POOF* He turned into a woman.

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