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    my wife works for an insurance company.and she told me about a postal worker that sues people for dog bites that never happened.he is up to number 5.and the home owner never has a clue cuz the ins companys just pay it to save attorney fees.the guy never sues for millions. just $30.000.00 or what ever is just a little over your set payout is for wifes company just paid the guy $2100.00.not much but its free money for him.all the insurance companies know about him. but they can't exchange info on him or clients cuz its confidential.and the guy he claimed against had know idea it was even in he has a choice, get rid of the family pet our loose his home owners insurance.:angry1: :angry1: thats bull****!!!i told her to tell me where he works and i'll handle it through our local news.

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